Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

Media Kit

Travel Talk Radio is…
Web based travel journalism … and Radio!

We are…
content-rich, substantive, consumer awareness and advocacy


Travel Talk Radio originates from North Texas and broadcasts weekly from our flagship station, KTSQ and over a dozen radio stations around the country as well as on the internet!

This is the new generation of radio.  A combination of terrestrial radio broadcasts and web-based streaming which embodies the new global travel market.

Why has Internet-based travel journalism become so important to the travel and tourism industry?

For an analysis of its impact on our industry, read Durant Imboden’s article:

“The PR Power of the Web.”

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Travel Talk Radio is a production of Mutual Broadcast Radio Network.

Our Impact

The rationale for our talk radio approach is amplified by Leo Ashcraft, for many years a Broadcast Engineer for Mutual Broadcast and Mutual Broadcast News.  He is the founder and main host of the show.  You may have heard him on Westwood One with Art Bell – founder of Coast to Coast AM.  Mr. Ashcraft’s resume stretches far and wide both off air – behind the scenes and on the air from local radio and television stations to national broadcasts through syndication.

Travel Talk Radio has been designed for the future because the future of all media is the Internet.

Travel Talk Radio  is positioned to be a global medium and part and parcel of this ever-growing worldwide medium.

This exponential reach is also the essence of Travel Talk Radio’s alliances and its amalgamation of radio and the Internet. All global media need an origination point and for Travel Talk Radio that is Dallas Texas, an important market in itself, but also the point of departure for the show’s growing global reach.”

 Powered by the vast distribution network of Mutual Broadcast.  Travel Talk Radio is at the fingertips of some of the largest radio stations in the United States.  These stations have the necessary equipment in place and addition of the show is as simple as scheduling and flipping a digital switch.

Partner stations are being added regularly throughout the U.S. – coming to a market near you soon.


Our Credentials and Credibility

Leo’s  easy-going, consumer-oriented, and informal format includes a touch of humor and a “real people” approach.

His listeners identify with him and the travel products and experiences he popularizes.

Because Travel Talk Radio is a multi-media consumer information and advocacy show and a constant presence on the World Wide Web, your property or travel product will receive worldwide exposure on Talking Travel.


Travel As News


Travel Talk Radio also emphasizes the newsworthiness of the industry.

How to assess the importance of Travel Talk Radio

  • Travel Talk Radio broadcasts on terrestrial radio through KTSQ and more than a dozen other terrestrial radio stations nationwide.  Our listener cume from the terrestrial audience now numbers more than 750,000!
    • Additionally our internet stream of the program nearly doubles that figure!
  • We are currently receiving over 80,000 hits per month on the website and growing. Based on the performance of the last 12 months, we anticipate that we will reach over 1.5 million listeners and readers in the next 12 months.
  • Because of our extensive professional network in this industry, we are able to do regular email blasts and media releases to travel media and travel media suppliers throughout the world.
  • Travel Talk Radio is the next generation of  Talk Radio. Like all new electronic media, the show is multimedia, all the time, and everywhere.
  • Because we are talk radio, our listeners and readers make a conscious choice to listen to our show and read our online travel information. We are a primary source of information and not just “background noise”.
  • Because they make the conscious choice to access our program, our listenership and readership is a discerning demographic that is looking for real information and real choices.
  • Our program and are content-rich, substantive, in-depth, and very relevant to the consumers.
  • Our audience is not just browsing; they have come to our show looking for direct-to-source information that helps them make real choices.
  • The long-term investment and exponential “payback”of webcasting are the principal dynamic in this new electronic marketplace.

Our Demographics and Listener Profile:

The area in Texas from which our show  originates is one of the most important niche markets in the United States, and now reaches similar markets worldwide.

A snapshot of our listeners:

The historic base of our listeners and readers has represented the perfect travel target market: average household income: $72,000; 60% are in their peak earning years; 71% are college graduates; 75% are in business or the professions; 52% are in top management; 20% have investment portfolios valued at $200,000; 72% frequently use air travel or business; 45% travel internationally; 90% own two or more vehicles; 75% use computers.

We appeal especially to the “Nifty Fifty”

Americans in the 50+ demographic: represent 25% of the U.S. population; have a combined annual income of over $800 billion; own 77% of all financial assets in the U.S.; hold 80% of all the money in the U.S. savings and loans; invest more in the stock market than any other age group; purchase 34% of all new domestic cars and 48% of all luxury cars; spend more money on travel and recreation than any other age group; spend more on personal care products; account for 25% of all toy sales; account for 40% of total consumer demands.

The promotional benefits of radio

  • Radio “hits home”; it is the medium with the broadest consumer reach. It surpasses television, newspapers, and magazines in reaching more people and a wider demographic of the public.
  • In terms of talk radio, the public makes a conscious choice to listen — for information. And they act on the information they hear.
  • As a medium, radio is number one in terms of primary targets: it is direct to consumers; reaches clearly defined and diverse specialty marketing targets; appeals to all ages, gender, and other demographics.
  • Talk radio especially appeals to an upper scale demographic: professional business women; managerial levels; highly educated “lifelong learners” for whom consumer awareness and critical thinking skills are fundamental to their personal and business lifestyles.
  • Radio is the prime ongoing medium throughout the working day. Consumer research identifies radio as the number one medium between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • As a source of news, and consumer and current affairs, radio has the most extensive and ongoing reach. Radio is the primary information source all day long.
  • The technology of talk radio and Internet makes it immediate, flexible, and highly adaptable. Advertising can be produced quickly and easily with high production values. Talk radio and Internet can meet production deadlines faster than other media.
  • Talk radio has built-in cost-efficiency: it is the nature of the medium. Talk radio’s “cost-per-thousand” remains the lowest of all major media.
  • Talk radio is the human voice. Talk radio is worldwide.
  • Talk radio is the most cost-effective and results-oriented medium for showcasing your product and for reaching consumers directly.

Talk Radio and the Internet

As the most comprehensive and diverse broadcast medium, the Internet is essential to all media. The Internet has democratized the media. It delivers information directly to the consumers and empowers them.
Talk radio on the Internet has become the ultimate grassroots medium.